Yase Mini Fan Simple Handheld Fan (Ym-88525)



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Kiseki Mini Fan Ym-88525 Portable Mini Fan

Various models and colors
Shake the Character if you want to light up the character

Power: 2 Watts
Input: DC 5V/0,5A
Battery: 1200 mAh
Battery Model: 3,7V/225 Lithium Battery
Material: ABS + Floor Electronics
USB Charging Interface

Please charge for 1 hour before use
Way to use :
After the fan is fully charged: Press the power switch to start using. Press the switch for the first time: the fan blade rotates, and press the switch with the light for the second time: finish the job.
How to charge:
Connect the charging cable connected to the input port of the fan, and the charging duration should not be more than 3 hours.
Preventive measures
1. Do not use this product in a humid environment (such as a bathroom). Contact with water can cause product failure or damage.
2. Do not store in a place with high temperature and humidity or expose to the sun. If you do not use this product for a long time, do not disassemble, modify or repair this product yourself. 3. Do not use this product to charge more than the specified voltage. 4. When the product is charged, be sure to pull out the charging cable in time. 5. Do not place the product in a fire to avoid the danger of explosion. 6. Do not contact or use this product when your hands are wet.


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