Yase Simple Desktop Fan (Ys-2228)



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Instructions for use
 1. Please fully charge this product before using it for the first time, or use a mobile power supply or computer to charge it. 2. Charging indicator light: the light is on when charging, and the red light is off when the battery is  fully charged.
 3. Switch connection: Press once to start the fan, the product is at the lowest speed, press again to switch to a gear. After switching to gear 3, continue to press to turn off the fan. This completes a cycle.
 4. When the battery voltage is low, the fan will stop automatically, please charge it in time.
 Children under the age of 110 must use this product under the guidance of an adult, please do not put your fingers into the fan
 so as not to cut yourself. 2. Do not place this product in extreme areas such as humidity, high temperature, high heat, basement, etc.
 3. The installation of charging power supply and socket should comply with safety regulations. A Do not use the product while charging, and the charging time should not exceed 6 hours at most (it is recommended to charge during the day).
 5 When not in use for a long time, it should be fully charged and stored, and it should be recharged once every 2-3 months.
 6. If any abnormality occurs during the use of this product, please stop using it immediately.
 Product icon:
 ▶ Angle adjustment
 ·Product switch 3 speed regulation
 ·USB charging interface
 Product model: Y9-2228


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