LivePro Eva Foam Rollers Black 90 x 15 cm LP8230

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The EVA floating point foam shaft is slightly softer than the EPP foam shaft. The softer material performs better in recovery and is more comfortable to use after a moderate amount of exercise, eliminating knots and relaxing tight muscles that remain in place after long use. Available in two lengths of 90cm, the foam shaft refines muscle groups throughout the body, stimulates blood flow and improves muscle soreness, helping to restore health.


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Technical Parameters

Brand Livepro
Color Black
Material EVA
Length 45/90cm
Diameter 15cm
Hardness 30 degrees at both ends,40 degrees at the sides
Load capacity 200kg
weight 360/670g

1.High-quality materials

The foam shaft is made of light and durable high-density EVA environmental protection material mold pressing, which is safe and tasteless, and has solid structure. Long-term use is not easy to deformation with the passage of time.Acting muscle area: hips, arms, soles of feet, neck and shoulders, calves and thighs.

2.Two lengths

45cm is suitable for partial body points, smaller areas or travel.90cm is suitable for full body movement and provides more help when you are exercising.

3.Design of salient points

The hexagonal salient points on the side of the foam shaft is designed to massage the muscle points more deeply and promote recovery.

4.Logo and warranty

The logo is engraved on each foam shaft and will not wear out, with a full 1-year commercial warranty against damage.

5.Various scenes

Perfect for personal/office/home/travel/gym scenarios.


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