Flamingo Glass Cleaner – 500ml

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Flamingo F086 Glass Cleaner is an all-natural, highly concentrated cleaning solution designed for both automotive and household use. Its professional formula quickly and effectively removes dust, stains, and other residues from glass surfaces without causing scratches. This cleaner is suitable for windshields, household glass, mirrors, and can even be used on laminated furniture. The application process is simple: evenly spray on the glass surface, scrub with a soft towel, clean with water, and then wipe with a dry, flax-free towel to avoid any marks. This 500ml Flamingo Glass Cleaner is chlorine-free and does not contain harmful chlorine-based chemicals like bleach, making it safe for various surfaces including glass, metal, plastic, and lamination.

Specifications & Features:

  • Natural condensed liquid formula
  • Volume: 500ml
  • Suitable for automotive and household glass
  • Rapidly removes dust and stains
  • Scratch-free cleaning
  • Can be used on various surfaces including glass, metal, plastic, lamination
  • Chlorine-free, no harmful chemicals
  • Ideal for cleaning windshields, household glass, mirrors, laminated furniture
  • Easy application and residue-free finish


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